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The Rapid Sequence Interrogation Podcast

A few months ago in our weekly team meeting, Mike Brown(@FireMedicFPC) and Jared Patterson(@OneRadMedic) pitched the idea of starting a podcast that takes questions from clinicians all around the world and answers them in five minutes or less. What would make this show different? After some thought, We realized this concept is unique in style and allows a certain degree of interaction amongst clinicians. I am super excited to announce the Rapid Sequence Interrogation podcast to the FOAMfrat family!
The first episode is being hosted on both the RSI Podcast and the FOAMfrat Podcast. You should see the podcast appearing in iTunes shortly under the name The RSI Podcast. Please subscribe and let us know what you think!
Mike & Jared would love you to start sending questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Podcast 100 - Meet FOAMfrat

I remember when we first started to entertain the idea of starting a podcast, Eric Bauer @FlightBridgeED had told us the key to a successful podcast was consistency. The internet is flooded with podcasts that start off with a ton of steam and soon fizzle out after about 20-30 episodes. The FOAMfrat podcast has gone through several changes since inception. Pictured below is the office that Sam and I would utilize to record podcasts while running the training & education department at Lifestar EMS.
Early fans of FOAMfrat will remember the transition from the "Lifestar Training & Education Podcast" to "FOAMfrat." This change occurred when I left Lifestar and moved five hours away to take a job as a flight medic with LifeLink III. Sam and I wanted to make sure we not only maintained a creative outlet for educational content within the prehospital and critical care community but also had an excuse to keep in touch with each other. 
To celebrate this landmark podcast we could only think of one guest to facilitate the 100th podcast conversation, our fellow podcaster and close friend, Ginger Locke. Ginger is the host of the very popular Medic Mindset podcast. We asked Ginger to produce this episode in her truly original and unique style she uses with Medic Mindset. Sam, Tyler, and the entire FOAMfrat team thank you for your support and encouragment throughout the last three years. Celebrate the last 100 and cheers to the next! 

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