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5 Post Replies That Drive Me Cray Cray..

Once in awhile I will choose to put out a blog that is completely non-clinical... this is one of those blogs. Social media has put an interesting twist on continuing education over the years. It is somewhat entertaining to read scenarios, questions, and ideas from all over the world. The only negative thing about SoMe is that there isn't a user manual. I think I speak for everyone when I say the following replies are about as useful as a CT ambulance.

1. "I can't believe you've never heard of this! I've been doing that for years."

This guy/girl felt it was necessary to let you and your friends know how antiquated your knowledge is. You should thank him for his service by replying with the following hashtag (#TYFYS).

2."Treat the patient, not the monitor."

I'm not sure what dinosaur started this saying, but it needs to go. This is usually code for... I am not sure what that rhythm is. We treat and utilize both to provide precision care. I've had multiple patients not realize that they are having an MI, and I've had monitors not know the patients having an MI. This comment is completely useless and shows that you went to EMT school when the Def Leppard drummer still had both arms.

3. "You think thats good? Well one time I..."

Where would we be without the 1-upper?! Probably exactly where we are now......except with a lower blood pressure (theirs is lower).

4. "Following" (There is a button for this!) 

There is nothing more annoying than 100 people typing "following" on your thread... actually there is (see #1).

5. "Diesel Therapy"

This usually means that you don't have a clue what you are talking about. There are very few times someone will give you a 300 word scenario and expect the answer to involve an exaggerated pushing of the acceleration pedal. Are there times when speed to definitive care is important? Absolutely... see Sam's blog on scene times here.

I hope this was helpful!

 -The rest of the world

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