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Podcast 66 - LBBB & Ischemia (Part 1) w/ Bryan Winchell

 A few days ago I posted a video by Wren Keller and Ryan Wyatt discussing the original Sgarbossa Criteria. 

 Got a few messages asking why we didn't mention the Smith-Modified Sgarbossa Criteria in this video. Great question! The Smith-Modified version does appear to be more accurate.

Wren(@wrenkellerphoto) and Ryan(RyanWyatt44) have a stock-pile of videos they will be releasing each month in 2019. They wanted to take a systematic approach to putting out the content.

Bryan Winchell sent me a screen cast he did last year on the Smith-Modified Sgarbossa Criteria which was FRACKIN AMAZING! He gave me permission to post it on FOAMfrat. I broke it up into two segments. Segment one will look at the conduction abnormalities of a bundle branch block. In part two he gets into interpreting an MI in the presence of a LBBB using the Smith-Modified Sgarbossa Criteria.

Bryan sent me these awesome Badge-Buddy cards with the criteria on them for you to print!

Additional Reading

Salim from REBEL EM has a great post comparing these criteria.

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