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Podcast 75 - REinVENT (ECHO 2019)

One of the most common stressors amongst new critical care clinicians, whether that be on the ground or in the air, is learning how to utilize, manipulate, and troubleshoot the mechanical ventilator. Join Sam Ireland, Brad Garmon, Bryan Winchell, and myself as we discuss our upcoming pre-con at ECHO Camp 2019, REinVENTing the way we teach mechanical ventilation.

Our primary area of interest is the space between novice and expertise. While understanding expertise is a journey and not a destination, there are fundamental aspects and traits of an expert that I believe we all strive for as critical care clinicians. Instead of looking at Vt (Ventilation Training) or what you "put in." We are interested in Vte "The educational component the students or providers get back out!"

Topics will include:

#Realistic Troubleshooting Scenarios

#Creative Projects

#Hand's On Scenario Training


Now let's hear from our panel of distinguished gentlemen and Brad.

We look forward to seeing you all at the first REinVENT Workshop April 3rd!

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