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Podcast 106 - When Benzos Won't Stop The Seizure

Sometimes seizing patients don't respond to benzodiazepines. In the RAMPART study they found that 18.5% of the midazolam group and 25.8% of the lorazepam group were still seizing upon arrival at the ED.

We know that rapid termination of status epilepticus (SE) is important, but what should EMS do when they are maxing out benzo's, blood pressure is getting soft, and the patient is still seizing?! At the 2020 NAEMSP meeting results of a pilot study evaluating prehospital use of ketamine for SE showed promising results!

In this episode we discuss the role of ketamine in SE patients that are refractory to front line treatments! Join Sam, Brian, and I as we unpack some of the literature and logistics of when benzodiazepines don't stop the seizure.


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Peter Antevy, MD, is EMS medical director for the Coral Springs Fire Department, Davie Fire Rescue, Southwest Ranches, and American Ambulance in Florida. He is a member of the EMS World editorial advisory board.

Eric Scheppke, BS, is an ER scribe for Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare in Tallahassee, Fla. He is a 2019 graduate of Florida State University. 

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