Quick Ventilator Settings In Your Pocket.

The FOAMfrat Ventilator Card is a quick reference for basic ventilator settings on the go. 

Ideal body weight based on the height and sex of the patient.

Acid-Base references for proper correction of metabolic and respiratory acidosis

Oxygenation strategies for PEEP, FiO2, and inspiratory time.






  • Tough. 

    The Ventilator Cards are made of PVC so you don't have to worry about it getting creased, laminate pealing,  or breaking .

  • Travel Size. 

    5.5 inches tall, 4.0 wide - fits in a larger pocket, the airway bag, or the hanging on a key ring on the vent.

  • Clean. 

    Having references on a phone or computer is great, but reference cards are easier to clean.

  • High Contrast. 

    Dark backgrounds make the card easy to read in different lighting conditions.

The FOAMfrat Ventilator Card

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