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Brains and Eyes - 1

Eyes and Brains

Sometimes I choose my blog subjects based off of a subject that I’m going to be teaching, or other times something I just have a peaked interest in at the moment. Pupils are something I have been meaning to dive into much deeper, and this blog is my first descent. Some might consider this type of physical exam knowledge low yield, but I consider it the coolest thing ever. Pupillary response and cranial nerves are incredibly interesting. Today we will mostly by talking about CN III. Our third cranial nerve, the oculomotor nerve, has several functions that can be easily observed. We will talk about two pathologies that can alter its action today. The first is uncal herniation, the second is brain aneurysm. Here is a quick terminology refresher when talking about pupils:


Anisocoria means unequal pupils. This could be normal for a patient, or it could be indicative of an acute pathology.