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Second Opinion


Throughout the week I occasionally get messages from clinicians asking my interpretation of a 12 Lead that they had acquired on an assignment. I thoroughly enjoy receiving these because they help sharpen my interpretation skills and expose me to clinical scenarios from all over the world. I do however feel that in the typical FOAMed spirit, these should be shared and tunneled through some form of peer review. My plan is to start a new segment on FOAMfrat titled " Second Opinion". This will be an occasional post that gets released to not only allow others to benefit from the scenarios, but also for me to peer review my thought process. Lets take a look at a few EKG's I got sent to me this week!

Case # 1

My Reply

Do you agree that this is just artifact?

Case Two

Do you think these ST changes are due to LVH, a subtle MI, or something else?

Case # 3

My Reply

Do you agree that this is a complete heart block?

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