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Podcast 50 - Infusion Swap Plan

The bed side transfer of a critically ill patient is a very pinnacle moment for logistics and strategy. As a clinician you will be performing a patient assessment, obtaining a report from the nurse or physician, and transferring medications or invasive lines from the facilities equipment to yours. In order for this all to run smooth, you need to plan for several scenarios. In this episode Sam and I discuss common situations a clinician may find themselves in, and how to plan out the logistics to make for a flawless performance and transfer.

Topics covered in this episode.

1. Transferring the infusion that you don't want to interrupt (pressors).

2. Transferring the infusion that is almost complete, yet the patient needs to receive the full dose.

3. Trouble shooting fluid side occlusions when infusing from a syringe.

4. Air Sensor vs. Air In Line

5. Infusion Dead Space.

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