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It's 1 Year for FOAMfrat!

It was exactly one year ago tonight that Tyler and I were sitting at his house, talking about FOAMed. The conversation was focused around finding an outlet for research. We wanted something that would allow us to keep all of our ideas in one place, where we could easily reference them if we needed to. The idea suddenly hit us- what if we started a blog?

Tyler has already been doing the Lifestar EMS podcast at this time. This was something he did as a primer for the monthly trainings for the EMS agency we both worked for. This podcast would eventually transform into the podcast portion of FOAMfrat.

FOAMfrat really started as an ‘idea pit’ for Tyler and I to throw our thoughts and research into - we were pretty sure no one would even pay much attention. One of our main intentions was to be able to direct trainees to a website for them to read and listen to FOAMed that was directly applicable to the message we were sending.

We released our first blogs and podcasts soon after. Things were very slow-going at first. I remember we had alerts on our phones that were connected to our website host. It told us every time someone visited our website, and where they were from. It amazed us when we started to get hits from other countries and remote places around the world. Visits slowly trickled in from Twitter and Facebook. We would like to extend a huge thanks to everyone who had read and listened! We also added a third to our group: Doctor Cynthia Griffin of UW MedFlight - who we are thrilled to have on-board! Cynthia has been as amazing resource and friend to have along. Wren Keller has also put up some awesome videos that have helped a ton of providers.

FOAMfrat started going at an amazing rate about 6 months ago. This is due to many great guest contributors, the support of our readers and listeners, and I would like to specifically mention FlightBridgeED. Eric took an interest in FOAMfrat and has helped us along the way. Thanks to Eric and the whole FBE team!

It’s been an exciting year, and it's gone by so fast. Stay tuned, we are all getting together for a 1 year anniversary podcast! We are as excited as everyone else to see what is coming next for FOAMfrat.

Reinventing the conference in 2020?

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