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FanFreakinTastic Email Response (Transfusion Confusion)

I absolutely love when someone sends out a well crafted response to a podcast. I received an email from Bryan Winchell. He is the clinical coordinator flight nurse for Flight For Life in Tyler, Texas (great name ;). Bryan brings up some points regarding automatic blood pressure analysis that I think some people may not be completely aware of. I also included Eric Bauers response podcast he did a few days ago regarding the same topic. Check it out!

His email:

Good points on your transfusion podcast.

sBP vs MAP (or HR-modified MAP) rabbit hole

Do oscillometric (NiBP) MAPs account for HR?

When using NiBP in critical illness, MAP is probably better all around than sBP/dBP. Most modern monitors calculate a MAP and extrapolate (less inaccurately) systolic/diastolic.