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Microgram - AirwaySono w/ Cynthia Griffin

Previously I did a quick voiceover podcast about how to assess airways using chest x-rays.  This time let’s take a look at how to assess airways using ultrasound.  There are 2-3 methods that ultrasound can be used in assessing the airway.  One is in locating the cricothyroid membrane and the other is using dynamic ultrasound while the patient is being intubated to indirectly confirm proper tracheal placement..(Yes, you should still use ETC02!)

This quick FOAMfrat video is just to show you have easily this can be performed.

It’s easy for those of us have done ultrasound now for a while to forget what it’s like when he first look images on the screen.  Sometimes they can look like a snowstorm or a fuzzy old TV with a poor signal (from back in the day, before the blue screen of death).  Don’t lose hope, continue scanning and continue to label images and study anatomy.  Before you know it, your brain will be able to reco