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Podcast 64 - Clots In Big Places w/ Brandon Means

You think your patient is having a stroke.. now what?

How do we know which patients need to actually have the clot mechanically retrieved? This decision could be huge in regards to patient neurological outcome. There are several screening tools available. The RACE is the only large vessel occlusion (LVO) screen that is validated. In this episode Brandon Means and I discuss the cortical signs of LVO, and how you can modify your current stroke screen to detect these.

"I don't live near any CSC's, soooo.... this doesn't apply to me."

Just because you do not have a comprehensive stroke center near your service area, doesn't mean you shouldn't be screening for LVO. Thrombectomy has a wider window than fibrinolytics. The MRCLEAN study showed this window open up to six hours with benefit to neuro function.

World Premier!

This podcast concludes with a small clip of a song titles " Strokes in Big Places" by LVO Records. If you want to hear Brandon & I perform the complete song live, you will need to be at FAST19! PS. We will be dressed like Cowboy's.

Brandon Means

Brandon is a seasoned Flight Nurse for Flight For Life in Tyler, Texas. Operating as a Clinical Specialist for Pulsara, managing his own ground ambulance service, and now appointed as President for The Association of Texas EMS Professionals (ATEMSP). Brandon is most known for his excellent impression of Ed Bassmaster's "Would ya just look at it".


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