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Podcast 69 - Why Do We Gain Weight?

I could try to type out all of the things I talked about in the podcast, but I think it would be better to just post some really great videos and resources where I started learning all of this information from. These guys explain these concepts so much better than I do. The videos below from different doctors started me on a journey that ended up drastically changing the way I live my life every single day - and allowed me to help people in their weight loss journey as well. Just a fair warning... these videos will lead you to the entrance of the diet rabbit hole. However, I can promise the end of the rabbit hole contains some extremely satisfying information.


Jason Fung: "The Calorie Deception"

Jason Fung: "Solving the Two-Compartment Problem"

Jason Fung: "A New Paradigm of Insulin Resistance"

Ted Naiman - "Insulin Resistance"

Robert Lustig: "A Hacking Of The American Mind"

Tim Noakes: "Challenging conventional dietary guidelines"

Gary Taubes: The Quality of Calories

Gary Taubes on the JRE

Other great resources:

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