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The Biggest News of 2019!

Picture look familiar? Some time ago, FOAMfrat announced that we had formed a strategic partnership with FlightBridgeED. Since then, these two entities have grown very close. The FOAMfrat team has been more than impressed with the entire FlightBridgeED team and their dedication to excellence. It is with much excitement that FOAMfrat is announcing a formal partnership!

FlightBridgeED Inc. is now a minority interest holder in FOAMfrat, LLC. This partnership will allow FOAMfrat to collaborate even more closely with world class clinicians who have true dedication to education. FlightBridgeED has been providing the highest quality content since 2012, and have an outstanding track record of leading the way in critical care and prehospital medicine. We know that this partnership will serve to propel both entities forward in delivering the best information to our readers and listeners.

Thank you for support!

-The FOAMfrat Team

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