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Speaker's Atlas Update!

A few months ago Sam and I launched a course called "The Speaker's Atlas". The ideas was to create an online course for providers who wanted to successfully launch into the world of public speaking and educating. The students would meet in an online classroom one night a week as Sam and I presented what we believe to be the "need to know" fundamentals for all educators.

I will admit that we were both nervous as to how it would be received. We had never monetized anything on FOAMfrat, and spent the last few years providing free weekly blogs and podcast. This would be something completely new and somewhat nerve wrecking. It didn't help that I watched the Fyre documentary on Netflix the same week we launched the course.

Our first attempt at marketing this course was a webinar Sam and I both hosted. We are not salesman... and that was obvious in the webinar. However we truly believe that we had something beneficial to offer our field. This webinar ended up being a huge success and we filled out first class of 30 participants within two days. This webinar was recorded and can be found here.

We probed our first group of graduates for ways in which we could improve the course and received such fantastic feedback. This feedback was then used to make small adjustments in the next course. After two full courses, we have what we believe to be the absolute best package for ALL educators in EMS. Here is a brief over-view of the content.

What are the student's saying?

The final project!

My favorite part of the class has been the final project! This is the educators time to take everything they learned in the class and apply it all in a short video. Sam and I are so impressed at the quality of content that is produced in such a relatively short period of time. These videos can then be used by the educator as a "demo reel" to apply for a variety of speaking engagements. Here are a few examples!

Jared Patterson is our most recent graduate and demonstrated an excellent use of animation, engaging graphics, and well executed delivery!

Adam LaChapelle had Sam and I rolling on the floor in a combination of laughter and sheer amazement. Adam took such an entertaining approach to an extremely valuable message.

Ok how do I sign up??

Our course is now completely self-paced and allows providers with super random schedules to work at their own speed. Our recent Partnership with FlightBridgeED has allows us the opportunity to host this course through the FlightBridge University. You can find this course by clicking the link below! Sam and I both thank you for supporting our work and hope to see you soon!

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