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FOAMfrat Paramedic Refreshers and Subscription!

FOAMfrat is very excited to announce our online paramedic refreshers!

It is our goal to make learning enjoyable, so we have taken a different approach to this online refresher.

What makes it different?


We all know that we have short attention spans, this is why we have organized our modules into bite-size pieces that you can spend ~5-20 minutes on, and chip away at the hours you need to refresh your license. Even though our CEU is counted in hours, we know that we learn in minutes.

No death by bullets

In the same way that we have always made videos without boring bullet points, we use illustrations and animations to drive the points home.

Multiple learning methods

We are using a mix of podcasts, blogs, and new videos to deliver content. This mixed approach allows you to earn hours no matter where you are. It is with particular excitement that our paramedic refresher will also include a podcast / blog subscription! This means that when we put out a new piece of content, you can claim CEU hours for it!


Thanks to FlightBridgeED, we are using their canvas learning platform to deliver the content. One of the cool things about Canvas is that there is a learners app you can download (free app) and get all of our content on a mobile device! FlightBridgeED has also given us the ability to certify all of our content with CAPCE!

When Does the Paramedic Refresher Go Live?

Our first paramedic refresher will go live on September 16th, 2019.

Our second paramedic refresher will go live on January 6th, 2020.

Why two different refreshers?

September Launch:

Our first refresher option that will release in September will be all pre-recorded and pre-written content (plus podcast subscription). This content will be broken up into the same categories that the NREMT uses: Airway/Respiratory/Ventilation, Cardiovascular, Trauma, Medical, and Operations. The hours will be evenly distributed, with approximately 10 hours in each section at the release (and then added to between September and January). This will give you more than enough hours hour a 48 hour Paramedic refresher.

January Launch:

Our second refresher option that will release in January will include all of our pre-recorded, pre-written content, and podcast subscription, with the addition of scheduled live content that you can tune into online. We will be releasing the schedule for these live sessions in the coming months. These live sessions will allow you to tune in and claim "F5" hours ("F5" are live hours are required for your NREMT recertification renewal). We are referring to this January launch as our 'NREMT' refresher.

How much will it cost?

We will be offering a refreshers in a subscription based model. For the pre-recorded content refresher (September launch) we are offering a 12 month subscription for $9.99 / month. We are offering the 'NREMT' refresher with live content added for $12.99 / month with a 12 month subscription. We hope that this model will make the education accessible to everyone without the usual large upfront cost that clinicians usually encounter with other educators.

Thank you!

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support! As we continue to provide our Blog and Podcast for free, it is our hope that we can continue to assist you in your educational journey by providing these subscription based services as well.

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