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BackStage Pass - My Online Teaching Setup (Tyler)

EVERYONE is teaching online now! FOAMfrat teaches live classes five days a week, three times a day, ALL year long! We have ironed out the logistics of "zoom room" teaching, and put together some tips for success!

1- Assure you have placed your computer in "Do Not Disturb."

2. Use an Ethernet cable and do not rely on WiFi.

3. Buy a dongle that allows your camera, microphone, external display, and power source to all become united (This comes in handy when at life classes as well).

4. Always choose to share your screen instead of uploading slides!

5. A secondary monitor is a MUST! (know your next slide)

6. Choose the right mic (expensive mic + wrong selection = McDonalds Drive Thru)

Wanna know the "Why" behind all these recommendations? Check out this short BackStage Pass into FOAMfrat's weekly live classes!

FOAMfrat is a group of like-minded individuals who are focused on innovating new ways to frame EMS education. If you are interested in checking out our EMS refresher course, click the photo above to learn more!


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