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Dealing With @$$HOLES & The Upset Patient Protocol

Dealing with @$$#oles:

Welcome to a game changer in my practice.

I’ve been away for a while, working my tail off in the ED and with flying on the helicopter, so please forgive me for being away for so long & not having posted sooner.  As, Tyler said “I’m an OG of FOAMfratt”, so this will always be my home, but this girl gets around and when new friends ask me to help them out, that’s what I do.  Plus, I love sharing what I’ve learned throughout this whirl wind of an awesome career.   

Recently, I was asked to give a presentation of my choosing on a new platform and I was thinking about things that have truly changed my practice over the past few years.  More than any procedure or chest decompression talk, cric talk, or amputation skill, the thing that has changed my practice the most has been learning to communicate with patients and what I call “Dealing with @$$holes!”