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Episode 34 - Dual Sequential, Quitting, Spinal Shock

Jake is back with us to answer more questions right in his wheel house. We are ready for more of your questions now. This episode will include a little friendly competition! You can get the podcast on any platform and also watch this episode on YouTube.

As you will find out in the podcast, Jared and Mike have both sustained very similar injuries at the same time. This is a crazy connection for 2 people who have never even met in person! The first listener to successfully match the correct photo below with Mike/Jared AND submit a new question will receive some FOAMfrat swag!

Option A Option B

1) I have been researching dual sequential defibrillation in refractory VF/VT and am finding the evidence is all over the place. Wondering what you guys think about this.

2) I caught the last podcast with Jake and heard that he was going to be back on. I am currently in a fire academy and have been struggling with some of my physical performance. I have recently been considering withdrawing from the academy. It seems like the instructors just want people to quit. Was wondering if you guys have any advice?

3) When the Spinal Cord has a compression injury can you see fluctuations in BP prior to nuerogenic shock? Had a patient with non-traumatic epidural bleed around spinal cord from C-7 to T-7 causing spinal cord compression. Our first manual BP was 210/102 and towards end of transport dropped to 96/60. This was prior to knowing what was causing patients chest and back pain with numbness down arms and bilateral weakness in lower extremities. Unfortunately we had given nitro initially due to possible cardiac cause. We quickly changed treatment after seeing her HR jump up to 135 and BP drop :(


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