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FOAMfrat EMS Refresher FAQ

We wanted to create a quick resource for frequently asked questions about the online courses. We will continue updating this blog as new questions come up. Let us know what we can add to answer your questions! 

Is the course accredited for EMS and Nursing? 

Yes. For EMS we hold CAPCE accredidation, which can be applied to your state license (any level)NREMT certification (any level), or used towards FP-C / CCP-C renewal.

For nurses, we have ENA (Emergency Nurses Associaton) accredidation, as well as Kentucky Board of Nurses accredidation. Check with your state to see if these accrediting bodies work for you. Regardless of state, you can use our course for your CEN, CFRN, or CCRN certifications. 

All levels of providers? 

We frequently get questions asking why we don't seperate our content into different EMS or nursing levels. We thought really hard about this. We even had different level providers take the course to see if they thought it was too elementary or too difficult for them. The best compliment that we continue to get from service leaders is that they can sit a brand new EMT, or a seasoned CFRN / FP-C down in our course and they will both learn something practice changing. If a concept is explained and illustrated properly, it doesn't matter if the student is a lay person or a physician, they should both be able to understand what is being presented - and it's working. 

Is it all pre-recorded or is there live content as well? 

You will gain access to both when you sign up. 

We have a library of pre-recorded (F3) content that you can do at your own pace. You can do as much or as little of this content, since you get a certificate of completion for each course, not just one big certification at the end. This allows you to pick and choose which courses you would like to complete. Of note is that our mechanical ventilation course is included in this section of the course (normally $99.99 by itself). This library of courses is always being expanded, and will never stop growing. There are currently over 60 hours of content in our recorded library. 

The other section of the course is live (F5) content. The schedule goes like this: 

This equals 14 unique classes each week, and each week if different throughout the month, giving you about 60 different classes you can attend throughout the month. Like the pre-recorded content, these classes are always being added to each month for new oporunties to learn. The schdule is updated every weekend for the following week. 

For EMS, which usually needs a mix of live instructor lead content (F5) and pre-recorded content (F3), we offer all the classes you need to complete your NREMT. 

Does FOAMfrat communicate with the NREMT? 

Yes. Your courses are automatically uploaded to NREMT each week. Check out our video at the end of this blog to see exactly how we do that. 

I've failed the NREMT three times - can I use this course as my refresher? 

Absolutely. The classes break down difficult topics very well, and you will have a much better understanding of concepts you need to pass your NREMT. 

Does FOAMfrat communicate with my state? 

Unfortunatly we do not. There is currently no universal system for automatic uploading to each state. This means that you will have to keep track of the certificates that you earn. When a system like this does become available, we will do our best to ease the process for everyone. 

How long do I get access to the content? 

Your membership is 1 year long. 

Why should I choose your course? 

We focus on creativity and practicality. We want the you to be entertained, and then realize that you didn't waste your time on something you're not even sure how to apply to your practice.  We don't do any death by powerpoint, and instead focus on illustration, understanding, and application.

Here is an example of one of our sessions.

Check out this video tutorial on how the class works!

For more information the course click on the thumbnail below.


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