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Podcast 105 - Logistics of a pediatric arrest w/ Austin Quillet

FOAMfrat educator @QuilletAustin did a fantastic job on a talk discussing best practices and EBM when it comes to pediatric arrest. I cornered him after the talk to unpack some of the points that stood out to me. I think you all will enjoy the discussion.

Over the years, OHCA in the pediatric population has not much improved like the Adult. Why is this? What are we doing wrong? Well, there is emerging evidence that may change your practice. References are hyperlinked below.

Time on Scene (sweet spot around 25 minutes)

Early Epi (Austin's Favorite)

Check out “Solving the Pediatric Labyrinth” in the F3 content of the FOAMfrat refresher to better grasp these concepts and more pearls to change outcomes!


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