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Podcast 120 - The Mystery of Optimal PEEP

A few days ago I did a blog called "When do you need a PEEP > 10?" In this blog I talked about some mental check-points to make sure you are optimizing mean airway pressure smart. I asked Bryan Winchell to come on the show and discuss his method for optimizing PEEP and I think we ended up with more questions than answers. Bryan mentions some great insight into his current method and we look forward to hearing what you have found works or doesn't work.

In this blog we have a link to the PEEP blog, a video Bryan recorded on optimizing time management on a vent, and a link to the podcast. Have a great holiday weekend!

Check out the PEEP blog we released yesterday!

Here is the video Bryan references in this video (Time on The Table)

Now check out the podcast!

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