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Podcast 130 - Getting To Know The NREMT "Certification Questions"

In this episode, I interview NREMT's Chief Certification Officer, Mark Terry, and Certification Manager, Megan Hollern. I really enjoyed this conversation and felt it cleared up many misconceptions and confusion surrounding initial certification and certification renewal. After carefully going through a >200 comment Facebook post where I asked, "what questions would you like me to ask the NREMT?" These are the questions that seem to be the most popular.

1. Besides reciprocity amongst select states, what is the benefit of maintaining your NREMT?

Some states require you to get your NREMT for initial certification and licensing, but after that, you can let your NREMT expire and maintain a state license. Besides reciprocity, what is the benefit of maintaining your NREMT?

2. If I let my NREMT lapse, or never even got my NR, what is the process in order for me to get it back?

Some people may have let their NREMT lapse or never acquired it in the first place. In this clip I ask Mark & Megan how does one get their NREMT back.

3. The hour requirements are broken down into general categories (i.e. trauma, cardiology, etc.), are the subcategories mandatory or suggested?

4. Do you ever see the instructor-led hour requirements coming back?

During the COVID19 pandemic, the NREMT lifted the cap on how many of your certification hours could be distributive (self-paced). This was due to the social restrictions limiting the amount of instructor-led hours a provider could obtain. Some have questioned whether these restrictions will ever come back. I asked Mark Terry & Megan Hollern what their thoughts were.

Stay up-to-date with the latest from the NREMT by subscribing to Mark Terry's podcast "Reinventing Recert."

Continued Competency in EMS is a tough subject that comes with challenging concepts, evolving guidelines and changes in recertification. The National Registry's new podcast series, hosted by Certification Chief Mark Terry, will take you along the journey of the new Continued Competency Project. This podcast will feature many special guests and explore the successes and road bumps of those working toward a new Agenda For The Future, Continued Competency Model.

With FOAMfrat having their own complete online EMS refresher, we field a lot of questions regarding what exactly people need for specific goals (i.e renewal, becoming eligible to retest, acquiring, etc.) The NREMT has this information all listed on their website, but we turned it into an adaptive survey. Answer 2-3 questions and find out exactly what you need. I should be clear that this is a tool WE designed and is in no way affiliated with the NREMT. You can click on the image below to give it a try.

If you an only listen to the audio, you can find the FOAMfrat podcast on whatever platform you typically use for listening or by clicking on the link below.

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