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Podcast 145 - Pediatric Bags

On April 21, 2017, I released Podcast 17 "How to not look like an idiot on your next pediatric arrest."

This episode discussed five tips to improve your pediatric resuscitation, with one of those being to ditch the specialized pediatric bag and just use your normal jump bag. I have not really thought much about this topic for several years due to the fact that my last two programs have not utilized a special pediatric bag.

I was speaking with Brandon Minogue before his talk on pediatric preparedness at the Initial Assessment Conference, and this topic resurfaced. I was curious what providers thought, and posted this question on social media. The response was very much so favoring the pediatric bag. I reflected on the comments and understand why the thought of a color based system seems attractive. However, I challenge you to run some simulations and watch/record the dynamics of how effective this strategy really is. After allowing the comments to grow naturally without my bias, I posted my opinion.

This also made me reroute the normal podcast topic for this week (sorry, Sam, Change of plans!) In this weeks episode we pitch our argument agaisnt specific pediatric jump bags with emphasis on design intent and design reality. This entire topic reminded me of a Facebook post by Ginger Locke back in 2017, highlighting something called a "desire line." I had a hard time remembering exactly what the picture was during the podcast, but after digging through a few years of Ginger's photos, I finally found it.

Sam and I would love to hear your take and experiences utilizing either a primary + airway bag, a specialized pediatric bag, or any other combination that you have found useful. Please send your feedback to

As always, thank you for your continued support!


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