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Podcast 157 - Ventilation & Cardiac Arrest w/ Tom Bouthillet

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

This week I chatted with Tom Bouthillet (@tbouthillet) on the topic of all things cardiac arrest ventilation. We discussed where in his workflow he switched from BVM to an advanced airway, how he uses ETCO2 to guide resuscitation, and some ETCO2 waveforms specific to cardiac arrest that you need to have on your radar.

Dr. Weingart from EMCRIT just released an interesting episode regarding the following ETCO2 waveforms with Per-Olav Berve. I highly recommend listening to this one as well. You can find the blog and podcast associated with that episode here.

I mapped out my current workflow for troubleshooting a low ETCO2 below.

Want To See The Full Class?

This interview comes from the cardiac arrest update in FOAMfrat Studio. If you want to get CAPCE-accredited CEs and learn more. Click the link below and sign up!


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