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RSI Podcast - Episode 16 - Jake Good Unfiltered

Thanks for joining us for Episode 16 featuring Jake Good. Jake is the producer of Good Reads, a part of the FOAMfrat family. Check them out here. He contributes regularly as an educator and blog writer as well. Learn more about Jake on this podcast and check out his content by clicking below!

1. Can you explain the occlusive myocardial infarction concept and what are some quick/easy ways to up my EKG interpretation game?

2. I recently had a complex pediatric asthmatic case and wondered your opinion on carrying all sizes together or having a specific pediatric bag?

3. I found my student sleeping in a recliner. Should I be upset?

4. My state is constantly looking at taking rapid sequence intubation away from prehospital providers. What are your thoughts?

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