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RSIPodacst - Episode 18 - Time to Debrief with Tony Henry

Jared and Mike are back to answer more of your questions. This episode covers some great topics and at the same time you get to meet Tony Henry! Please keep your questions coming! If your question wasn't answered this time we haven't forgotten you, don't worry. The die hard fans can also find us on YouTube with video! Next episode will feature Brittany Grandfield. I am sure you look forward to her blogs, here is your chance to ask her anything! I want to know how she makes reading those blogs so much fun.

1) Should EMS become civil service like law enforcement and city fire is and do you think it can happen in the U.S. before universal healthcare?

2) Excluding anything from the IBSC (I have my FP-C and CCP-C) what are some extra certifications or classes you guys recommend looking into that you’ve found to be beneficial?

3) As someone who is going to be getting Paramedic students for the first time, what are some tips for a first time preceptor to make the most of a student’s day?

4) How do you recommend debriefings be conducted post critical calls? The DoD approach of each member listing 3 good things and then 3 items needing improvement, while time honored seems to be too disjointed and likely to overlook key items. Do you recommend the "hot wash" approach (another DoD term) or the fire service version sometimes called the "tail board" debrief that is done on scene minutes after the incident. The EMS approach of waiting till the next shift again seems to loose too much learning opportunities.

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