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RSIPodcast - Episode 19- Sedate Your Ego

Jared and Mike are back to answer more of your questions. Please keep your questions coming! If your question wasn't answered this time we haven't forgotten you, don't worry. The die hard fans can also find us on YouTube with video! Next episode will feature Austin "Dale" Quillet and we will be talking human performance, ECMO, and more!

1) How do you suggest sedating a mechanically ventilated patient?

2) Should RSI be a standard procedure for all paramedics and added to paramedic curriculum? I'm not familiar with other states but in NY you have to be credentialed separately to perform RSI.

3) How do we decide as EMS providers between use of SGA/BIAD and ETI? Particularly considering the statistics on patient outcomes seeming lend themselves more toward SGA use. I am curious to hear your thoughts and mental maps on this.

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