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RSIPodcast - Episode 25 - Making Tough Choices

Mike and Jared are back at it again. They are joined by FOAMfrat's own Jay Nance. We hope you enjoy getting to know him a bit better. Please keep your questions coming! If your question wasn't answered this time we haven't forgotten you, don't worry. The die hard fans can also find us on YouTube with video!

1) How do you decided to respond emergent versus non-emergent?

2) I am looking for some pointers on upping my game with radio reports. What can you offer?

3) How do you guys like to preox?

4) I currently work for two services and I have a challenging decision ahead of me. One service has an amazing culture but beyond being a street medic, doesn’t offer much upward mobility. The other service is good as well, but offers critical care, community paramedicine, education and leadership positions. I enjoy working for both services, but I am struggling to decide between a great culture or a service that better aligns with my career goals.

You can find us wherever you get your podcasts or

Please be sure to check out the FOAMFrat EMS Refresher too!


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