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RSIPodcast - Episode 27 - Medical Director Q & A

Mike and Jared are back at it again. They are joined by FOAMfrat's own Dr. Cynthia Griffin. We hope you enjoy getting to know her a bit better. Please keep your questions coming! If your question wasn't answered this time we haven't forgotten you, don't worry. The die hard fans can also find us on YouTube with video!

1) Should we discontinue resuscitation efforts for someone in PEA without performing a ultrasound?

2) Heart transplant patients and EKGs. Are there any changes or oddities that can be normal on an EKG for these patients? What about MI presentation for heart transplant patients is it atypical?

Heart transplant assess in ED 2020
Download PDF • 1.21MB

arrythmia in heart transplant pt case
Download PDF • 167KB

av dissoc in heart transplant
Download PDF • 156KB

Heart Transplant Pts in the ED
Download PDF • 422KB

3) Hi! So, I'm feeling a little dumb and embarrassed today. First, my question is Why do some patients have high O2 sats when they have little air movement in their lungs? My patient had 99% O2 Sat but was obviously in distress using abdominal muscles and saying he felt he couldn't breathe. Lung sounds were very diminished and very slight wheeze on exhale. Got him some duonebs and immediately you could hear air movement in lungs. Is it just that O2 sats are a late sign of Resp. distress? Is there a way to explain it simply for my simple brain?

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