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"We Removed Nitro From Our STEMI Guideline" w/ Matt Schneider

In this episode, we talk with Matt Schneider, a Battalion Chief and Paramedic for the Mequon fire department in Ozaukee County. Sam and I had the privilege of sitting in on a guideline update presented by Matt a few weeks ago. One of the guidelines that caught our attention was the decision to remove nitroglycerin from the STEMI guideline.

We have discussed nitro in ACS several times on FOAMfrat. The benefit versus risk has been an interesting topic amongst clinicians.

Here are the guidelines we refer to in this episode:

Download PDF • 180KB

Download PDF • 330KB

"Matt's views, comments, and opinions expressed in this segment do not represent the position of his employer(s), or associated agencies/institutions".

Matt said feel free to email him with any questions you have!

The audio-only podcast can be found on your favorite podcast platform


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