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WIFI Video laryngoscope

Dear fratpack,

I, Sam Ireland, am sending this blog to you from the future. Let me first explain how I arrived at this strange place.

I purchased A wifi endoscope, grabbed a broken training channeled blade from a king vision VL, put them in the fusion reactor, and then the next thing I knew I was here.

I pulled up the schematics from the fusion reactor to see it's process for fusing these two technologies from the past. Report to follow.

Sizing up the aim of the screen on a regular King Vision for reference later when the new camera is set.

The case from the endoscope was too large to fit inside the KV (King Vision) blade. These blades just split apart with a little force and then you can pull their camera attachment out.

The cord was also 3.5 m long, so extra cord was cut out.

From the length of cord that cut out, I practiced stripping and reconnecting these wires. Some of them are very small and can easily be broken or cut by accident.

The wifi endoscope does not fit, so the casing has to be altered to fit.

A dremel tool was used to shape the casing. The battery has to be moved around to the back side of the microchip (sorry not sorry if that's not the right word).

Still cutting.

The blade needed some shaping on the inside as well.

Wifi unit fits pretty well now. The battery is underneath and cannot be seen from this angle.

I used a sharpie to mark on the top part of the blade what needed to be cut away for the dimmer and power switch.

Round number two. A little more needed to be cut away. I'm using the dremel tool for all of this.

This bridge on the top portion of the blade was also in the way of the wiring and needed to be grinded away.

Everything is fitting pretty good at this point, but I haven't secured anything yet.

Once I made sure the blade would fit together well, I secured it with this glue. This glue is flexible and rubber-like when it dries. I felt this would give it a type of adaptable strength.

Here is a top view. I had to use a little piece of spare wire to prop up one side to get it to sit correctly. I then added glue all around the wifi case.

I then sat and waited..... I did make a few minor adjustments to how the case sat inside the blade until it felt and looked right.

Later on I marked the spot that would need to be taken out to make room for the much longer endoscope camera.

After opening up that portion of the blade.