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"You can't treat abdominal pain!" With Rob Zoladz

My friend Rob Zoladz gave an incredible talk on why not treating abdominal pain is inhumane. He gave this talk for a new segment we are doing before each monthly training called "Breaking EMS Fallacies". This is our attempt to create a work atmosphere free from dogmatic beliefs.

Rob is a Critical Care Paramedic and a Field Educator for our base in Columbus, WI. 


1. Brewster GS, Herbert ME, Hoffman JR: Medical myth: analgesia should not be given to patients with an acute abdomen because it obscures the diagnose. West J Med 2000; 172:209-210 2.Kim MK, Strait RT, Sato TT, Hennes HM: A randomized clinical trial of analgesia in children with acute abdominal pain. Acad Emerg Med 2002; 9:281-287

Now check out the podcast!!!

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