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Podcast 110 - Resus Tempo w/ Keith Velaski

I am thrilled to finally get my friend and colleague, Keith Velaski (@kvelaski), on the podcast. Keith was my preceptor at LifeLink III and has been a flight clinician for over 25 years. In this episode, we talk about the tempo and mental modeling of resuscitation and flight medicine. This podcast was inspired by my buddy Alex Jones who just started his career in HEMS.

Alex sent me this message a few days ago.

Just got off shift and had saved this in the notes on my phone. I’m a new flight medic and am still getting into my groove. If you can decipher this and have any kind of feedback, I’d love your thoughts

  • Best sequence for assessment

  • Scene and interfacility follow up questions geared towards interfacility

  • Dividing rolls with partners

  • I:E do you both receive report, does one take report and the other makes patient contact, or something else?

  • Key labs/imaging based off physical exam findings/chief complaint/HPI

  • What if they haven’t been done/ordered?

  • What’s worth staying at bedside to obtain/initiate?

  • How much is flight time a consideration if at all?

Not sure how intelligible this is, just 2am thoughts jotted into my notes on shift.

Alex, this podcast is for you!


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