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Podcast 112 - When Mental Models #FAIL w/ Tom Grawey & Bryan Selvage

So, my buddy, Bryan Selvage released a blog a few weeks ago called "The Curious Case of The Brain & The Octopus Trap." This case study caught me off guard because it did not match my mental model of a brain bleed patient. I called Bryan and had a great conversation regarding mental models and how they can either make us look like we have super-human powers or trip us up.

Bryan started working on a blog to address the perils of mental models at the same time my friend Tom Grawey(@EMtgDO) was writing a piece for FOAMfrat on the "sick versus not sick" assessment. Both of the blogs complimented each other perfectly and I figured we could do a podcast and release both blogs as a package. You can read these blogs by clicking on the image below:

I loved the discussion and feel this will likely lead to more podcasts/blogs down the road. Would love to hear what some of my friends like Cliff Reid, Mike Brown, and Michael Lauria have to say on this topic.

Now let's get to the podcast!


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